About SusChemSys

SusChemSys is an interdisciplinary network between chemistry and process engineering for PhD students of different universities and non-university research institutions in NRW, Germany. The program enables cross-disciplinary activities such as joint meetings, excursions to industrial partners and soft skill workshops. Especially the networking – with PhD students of other disciplines and institutions as well as with professors and industry representatives – enriches the education of the PhD students.

SusChemSys is the continuation of the research cluster “Sustainable Chemical Synthesis – A Systems Approach” with an affiliated graduate school. After the funding of the research cluster (EFRE) had expired, the participating university and industry partners agreed that the network was very successful and should be continued. Thus, the overarching structure was maintained, which enables the partners’ doctoral students to continue their education.

Doctoral students can be proposed for the programme by the participating PIs. A management board, consisting of representatives of all partners, decides on the admission of the applicants to the programme. The projects within the framework of SusChemSys come from the fields of chemistry and process engineering. The focus is on sustainable developments in syntheses and processes. Possible subject areas include:

  • Chemical catalysis, electrochemical synthesis, photochemistry
  • Novel strategies / methods for synthesis and process management, holistic process analysis
  • Circular economy, recycling and upcycling, waste as raw material, CO2 activation and use
  • Use of renewable raw materials, taking into account the sustainability of the cultivation

SusChemSys is coordinated by the Center for Molecular Transformations of RWTH Aachen University.